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Tailor-made courses and workshops


I provide bespoke short courses and workshops for a range of schools and organisations. Below is a summary of the main ones. To enquire about courses and workshops I can provide for your organisation based on teachers' professional development needs, please use the contact form here.

Richmond Professional Development programme
Various locations in Brazil since 2011
A joint venture between the British Council and Richmond publishing, this annual event brought together teachers to take part in a series of professional development workshops in locations all over Brazil.
A wide range of topics were covered, including Teaching Mixed Ability Classes,  Special Educational Needs and Integrating Skills.
The Scole
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015
Workshops on Noticing and Restructuring and Teaching Receptive Skills.
Villa School
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2013 – 2015
Weekly workshops for teachers on a wide range of topics.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2011 – 2015
Twice-yearly short courses covering a range of topics for teachers.
Cultura Inglesa 
Jundiai & Campinas, Brazil 2009 – 2014
A range of workshops on topics such as Error Correction and Developing Speaking Skills.
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